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Sky Arrow

Backed by new owning company Magnaghi Aeronautica, one of the largest Italian aerospace groups, the sleek and stylish Sky Arrow is again available to aviation enthusiasts!

The Facts

100% composite airframe

Tandem seating and side sticks

Pushing configuration and wrap-around canopy

Long life, no corrosion issues

Outstanding comfort

Unparalleled outside visibility

Most Used By

Passionate Pilots

Environmental Research

Thermal Imaging

Electronic News Gathering

Law Enforcement


Pollution Monitoring

The Improvements

New wing fuel tanks

New aerodynamics

New state-of-the-art avionics

+65% endurance (over 600NM range)

Better cruise & climb performance

Less workload & more situational awareness

Certified Sky Arrow Products


Sky Arrow Configurations:

Engine ROTAX 912 ULS hp (73.5KW) @ 5,800RPM
Propeller 3 Blades, Ground Adjustable Pitch
Length 24.9ft (7.6m)
Height 8.4ft (2.6m)
Wing Span 31.5ft (9.7m)
Wing Area 145sqft (13.5m2)
Seats 2 Tandem Configuration
Standard Empty Weight 840lbs (380kg)
Max Take Off Weight 1,320lbs (599kg)
Max Fuel Capacity 29.5 gals
Fuel Specification Magas Mon 91 oct. unleaded or Avgas 100LL
Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 132 kts (152MPH-244km/h)
Maximum Speed 115 kts (132MPH-213km/h)
Cruise Speed (@ 75% power, 5,000ft) 108 kts (124MPH-200km/h)
Stall Speed (Full Flaps) 38 kts (44MPH-68km/h)
Rate of Climb 1,100 fpm(5.6m/s)
Take Off Roll 470ft (143m)
Take Off Distance(over 50ft obstacle) 890ft (270m)
Landing Roll 360ft (110m)
Landing Distance(over 50ft obstacle) 660ft (201m)
Service Ceiling 13.500ft (4.100m)
Fuel Consumption (@ 75% Power) 4.9 gals/h (18.5 lt/h)
Endurance (@ 75% Power, no reserve) 6h 05`
Max Range (@ 75% Power, no reserve) 600NM (1,100km)

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